Emi and The Secret Supergirls Club

Emi and The Secret Supergirls Club
Volume 1

Emi is a girl like you. She lives in one of these big cities with mum, dad and a dog, Labrador called Chocolate (the pupil doesn’t belong to Emi – it is auntie’s dog). Emi has loony friends: Aniela, who hates princesses and everything about pink, Fau, the girl-spider, very good in climbing and crazy about music and Flora, Emi’s mother best friend’s daughter - recent enemy, and soon best friend. There are also two boys around - Frank know-it-all who loves science and experiments, Lucek, who is nothing but charming. One day – bang! – girls gang up to found Secret Supergirls’ Club – no boy can attend! The girls solemnly declare: NO MORE BORING DAYS!

Emi and The Secret Supergirls Club.
Spanish Lesson.
Volume 2

Schoolbags ready? Fear and shiver school bricks! The Supergirls‘ Club goes school. Is the school cool? What is the best at school for Emi and her friends – long break or Spanish lessons? Girls are exploring many new things – sitting at the desk, going to the library. They even take part in the potato war at the school’s canteen. And there is a school mystery! Know the secret story of the lost parrot Chatterbox and Miss Gloria Carlos Flamenco, a teacher who simply loves Spanish and the chatting birds.

Emi and The Secret Supergirls Club.
On the Stage.
Volume 3

The prophecy comes true. Emi, Flo with their parents fly to Italy, the country of pasta, pizza and art. Here, in beautiful Milan, the town of museums and operas lives the old friend of Flo’s mother - Mrs. Francesca with her son, polite Luciano and husband, famous musical director. The girls soon learn the mystery of a stage where Luciano’s father manages world famous musicals. Now, he and the whole family have to leave Milano and find job elsewhere – all premiers are ruined, as somebody put the grab on the costumes! When they all return home Secret Supergirls‘ Club of and Luciano join the little theatre academy. Soon, they are to prepare the premiere of musical The Wizard of the Oz directed by Luciano’s father. The big day is coming, but the costumes are about to missing! The mystery is in Supergirls hands!

Emi and The Secret Supergirls Club.
Hooray for Holidays!
Volume 4

Hooray!  Holidays are here! No earlier get ups. No more doing homework. OK, maybe only for holiday time, Supergirls‘ Club – Emi, Flo and Fau (wow, Lena is missing!) with Franek and Miss Flora are invited to the country, to Frog Corner, where Emi’s grandmother lives. Summer at the grandma’s summer house over the river sounds really great. There are plenty of highlights waiting:  hiding in the garden, going to the forest, building tipi over the river and horse riding. Wow! But Supergirls‘ Club never has holidays! They suddenly found that country library has a serious problem – the books are missing day by day! Ha! Is that book moth or someone just trying to destroy library? Friends have to move quickly. Are they ready to unlock the next mystery?

Emi and The Secret Supergirls Club.
Steeds and Colts.
Volume 5

Secret Supergirls’ Club received an encrypted letter from Frog Corner. What was the letter all about and how did it get to the friends? Emi, Flo, Fau, Aniela and Franek wanted to puzzle it out. It leads them to the stud farm „The Steeds and the Colts”, owned by the lady who might be the witch! The girls and their male friend, Franek, the new member of Secret supergirls’ club, debuted as horse riding students. They quickly buddies up to the farm residents: notoriously hungry goat Mela, Lola the cat-traveler and glorious steeds Grenada and Figaro. Tough the old mare Brava, which soon has to leave the stud, stole Emi and her friends hearts. Secret Supergirls’ Club has to show the ingenuity to find a new home for Brava. The mission is about to begin!

Emi and The Secret Supergirls Club.
The Snow Patrol.
Volume 6

Christmas holiday are near. Secret Supergirls’ Club will attend the school bazaar of home baking and Christmas tree decorations. They also will set out for Hela and Kostek, their country friend’s wedding. Soon, they all will reunite in Frog Corner to find a new riddle. Their favorite Brava mare will at last get to her new home. Though, the Brava journey to the country will turn into the challenge. Equally difficult will be to recreate Brava’s family tree… Will the new mission of Secret Supergirls’ Club end successfully? What unexpected discovery will bring the snow patrol in the country wood?

Emi and The Secret Supergirls Club.
The Adventureres.
Volume 7

We see a lot of excitement in the Secret Supergirls’s (and one Superboy) Club! Friends are getting ready for woodland expedition – a family camping trip in the wild. Join Emi, Aniela, Fau, Flo, Franek and Lucek and find out what are wind rose and Morse code good for. See what will they explore and if they meet the ghost of duchess Margaret in the  ruins of old castle.

Emi and The Secret Supergirls Club.
Message in the Bottle.
Volume 8

It all starts with school ecoworkshop, where Secret Club of Supergirls learns what is upcyling – the creative method of using waste. Soon, Flo’s mother finds out that she simply can no longer live in a city full of smog and noise. She decides to relocate her family to the seaside. Oh, no! That is maybe very eco but splits up the Club! Friends, with almost broken hearts, travel to the seaside to pick a new home for Flo’s family. They soon got into the new mission, not one, but two! They are involved in major project of cleaning up the beach and accidently found a message in the bottle! Who did send it by the sea and why? Will they manage to find the sender? Will Flora leave Secret Club of Supergirls forever? Join Emi, Fau, Nelly, Flo and Frank and find out why they are always busy!

Emi and The Secret Supergirls Club.
Volume 9

Acrobatics, magic and illusionists! Join The Secret Supergirls Club that takes part in the amazing Magic and Street Art Festival. Friends learn wizardry and acrobatics. They witness amazing ropewalkers show and face the risk of their own vanishing. The troop pursue new secret mission in favour of circus animals. Find out if Emi and The Secret Supergirls Club help the nicest circus stars?

Emi and the Secret Supergirls' Club
The Adventureres.
Volume 7 - Book + game

Special edition exclusively for Emi fans and for all who love adventures. In the set you find the latest book from Emi and the Secret Supergirls’s Club – The Adventurers (Volume 7) and amazing Emi’s board game for the whole family. 
Emi and her friends from Secret Supergirls’s Club head out for a new mission during a family camping trip in the wild. They have to get to the ruins of old castle to find legendary treasure.  
Prepare your campsite and go for an expedition. Cross the river, get over the marsh, work up the courage to take part in night quest and find a treasure. 
Join the adventurers and test your skills in the board game, in which the quickest return with the fortune to the secret base is at stake.

The Secret Diary
recommended by Emi and the Secret Supergirls’ Club
Volume 1

Notice! The diary may contain classified data! That’s only here: record all your secrets and ideas, paste on the pictures and memorabilia, note important cases, design fashion, plan holidays, report funny events, introduce your family and friends, adorn, draw and write!

Emi and the Secret Supergirls' Club

The big book full of adventures of really cool Emi that all girls love!

Emi and the Secret Supergirls' Club

A Whole New Stories! All kinds of adventures and twists and turns! This is already second BIG BOOK OF ADVENTURES OF The Secret Club of Supergirls, to which belong friends Emi, Flo, Fau, Nelly and one, maybe a little snooty but nice, boy Frank.
Friendship and unity of the gang will be tested. The whole school thing consumes almost all free time for kids and secret sessions seem to be losing out with the exciting sport classes. As all of this weren’t enough a new girl is joining the class. She will come between inseparable so far friends - Emi and Nelly. Something is starting to fail…
It is time for the most important mission – FRIENDSHIP MISSION!
Friends are up for anything to save the gang. They will get THE FRIENDSHIP VEHICLE and arrange AN OPEN DAY OF The Secret Club of Supergirls. Everything to rediscover the power of friendship.

Emi and The Secret Supergirls Club.
Emi’s and Flora’s Activity Books.

The books are full of coloring pages, quizes, crossword puzzles, maze and more. Look for this new content and completely fresh Emi stories! You can wont' get bored with Emi

Emi and The Secret Supergirls Club:
Cats or Dogs. Graphic Novel
Volume 1

First graphic novel on Secret Club of Supergirls.
This year Emi will celebrate her birthday on the seaside. Friends are planning a great party on a beach but she will be truly happy if her parents let her have a dog. Sadly, she just gets as a gifta big plush. Soon, Club started to argue whether cats or dogs are better puppies. What a scam! Unexpectedly kids found a lost puppy when on a bike tour. Will Emi have chance to keep a dog?

(Get Organized with Emi)

There it is very different SCHOOLER – a school planner FOR SUPERGIRLS ONLY!
Planner will stay with you every day, at school and at home and during holidays.
Will help you to schedule your schoolwork, to crack on homework and all important matters and even let you define your goals.
You find here bios of famed SUPERGIRLS’ like Emma Watson or Beyonce. They can surely inspire you to follow their examples. Get to know SEVEN STEPS OF SUPERGIRLS FOR SUPERPLANNING with SUPERGIRL SCHOOLER! We hope that working with SCHOOLER will help you to find more free time for cool fun, pursue your dreams and creative play. Now you show you are the supergirl of your own time! Like Emi at the Secret Supergirls Club!

Emi and The Secret Supergirls Club:
Here Comes Holiday!

Do you love the magic of Christmas as Emi and Secret Supergirls Club? You hate the crazy pre-Christams madness do does the gang? If you would be happy to hide away rather and wake up on Christmas day to unbox your gifts join the Secret Supergirls Club! They started a new mission – „EASY CHRISTMAS”. No big shopping and cleanup and food or decorations only from DIY! In the book you find also recipes and DIY patterns just for Christmas.



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